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  • The Air Force Financial Services Center - Road to Ellsworth AFB, SD

    Mr. John G. Vonglis, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management) announced today that the construction of the new Air Force Financial Services Center (AFFSC) is underway and on schedule. The AFFSC, located at Ellsworth AFB, SD, will open in October 2007 and will transform most of the military and travel pay
  • Finance begins transformation

    The Air Force financial management community formally kicked off the operational phase of its transformation effort Feb. 2 at a conference in San Antonio. The conference highlighted the "six lanes" of financial transformation planned for the service in the next decade, which emphasize customer service, said Michael Montelongo, assistant secretary
  • Air Force announces Quadrennial Defense Review and Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Highlights

    The Air Force announced today details related to the Quadrennial Defense Review as well as the Air Force Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Roll Out. As the Air Force continues to transform, it will have three priorities: winning the war on terror, developing and caring for its Airmen, and recapitalizing and modernizing its air and space systems. "The
  • QDR, budget mesh for Air Force future

    Air Force officials announced Feb. 6 how the service's budget will mesh with the Department of Defense quadrennial defense review, creating an overall financial plan for the service's future. The Air Force re-examines its budget annually, while DOD conducts a QDR across the armed forces every four years. Between the two, the Air Force will begin to
  • Air Force FY 2008 budget includes pay raise, new facilities

    In the president's fiscal 2008 budget, released Feb. 5, Air Force leaders are asking Congress for about $110.7 billion.The Air Force budget request, about $6.2 billion more than it received in FY07, is divided into three primary areas: people, readiness and modernization and recapitalization. About 5 percent of the total budget goes toward
  • Air Force's FY 2007 budget released

    As part of the president's fiscal year 2007 budget plan, the Air Force is set to receive $105.9 billion. This budget meets the vision of Air Force leaders to fight and win the global war on terrorism; to develop, train and care for Airmen; and to recapitalize and modernize the force, said Maj. Gen. Frank R. Faykes, Air Force deputy assistant
  • Dashboard tool allows snapshot of organizational status

    Air Force officials are rolling out a Web-based financial management tool this summer designed to help commanders and other Air Force decision makers. By summer 2007, the Air Force's Financial Management Dashboard will be available online through the Air Force Portal. This is a Web-based "dashboard" application that gathers financial information
  • Air Force Portal provides reduced sign-on to myPay

    Airmen have one less password to remember thanks to a new link between the Air Force Portal and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service myPay Web site. With much of the Air Force transitioning from face-to-face customer service to online self-help Web sites, many Airmen are left with several passwords, login names and Web addresses to remember.
  • Air Force named executive agent for Katrina-related funds

    In a recent memorandum, defense officials named the Air Force as the executive agent for Hurricane Katrina funding. As the executive agent, Air Force officials will ensure services within the Department of Defense are reimbursed for expenses incurred while providing Hurricane Katrina relief support, said John Vonglis, acting assistant secretary of
  • Kiosk offers one-stop customer service

    The new Joint Services OneStop Kiosk at the Pentagon may look like an ATM, but it offers much more. The kiosk, unveiled June 29 at the Pentagon Metro entrance, is a customer service initiative that provides users with online Web access to such programs as MyPay, the Air Force Portal, and virtual military and civilian personnel flights. All