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SAF/FM Sub-Organizations

SAF/FM is composed of four sub-organizations: FMB (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget), FMC (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cost and Economics), FME (Directorate of Workforce Management and Executive Services), and FMF (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Operations). Each of the sub-organizations supports an intrinsic part of the FM effort. In the paragraphs below, you will find information on the roles of these organizations, the products they supply to SAF/FM and the Air Force as a whole, and the structure of each.


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget

FMB Goal: Secure and employ resources to maximize AF capability - people, readiness, modernization

  • Our role is to formulate, build, defend, and execute the funds to power the US Air Force and achieve AF corporate objectives for people programs, readiness programs, and investment programs
  • We do our job by interacting with MAJCOMs/field to understand people and readiness programs, so we can build, defend, and execute Air Force dollars and serve as the ultimate force multiplier
  • We will improve by feeding lessons-learned back into the programmers and work together to shore up areas where we habitually see challenges in the POM
FMB Organizations:
SAF/FMBP&FC: Policy and Fiscal Control
SAF/FMBI: Budget Investment
SAF/FMBL: Budget and Appropriations Liaison
SAF/FMBP: Budget Programs
SAF/FMBO: Budget Operations


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cost and Economics

FMC Goal: Deliver credible, objective analysis, enabling cost-conscious decisions

  • Provide the best cost analysis on Air Force programs directly supporting key resource decisions on emerging and sustained warfighter capabilities
  • We achieve this by providing realistic, data driven estimates that are independent, rigorous and unbiased
  • We will continue to assess opportunities to improve data collection-to appropriately resource our Nation's Air Force
FMC Organizations:
SAF/FMCC: Cost Analysis
SAF/FMCE: Directorate of Economics and Business Management
AFCAA: Air Force Cost Analysis Agency


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Operations

FMF Goal: Timely, transparent, and compliant financial operations to support Airmen and Air Force capabilities

  • Our focus is to get the AF fully auditable. It underpins everything we do.
  • We will do this by establishing a traceable flow of information to and from the field to provide our customer -- the field, Congress, and the American people -- with timely, transparent, and compliant financial support
  • We will continue the path to complete financial statement audit readiness activities and continue to establish DEAMS as the authoritative data source for financial execution to all Air Force users
FMF Organizations:
SAF/FMFA: Financial Operations
SAF/FMFS: Information Systems and Technology
SAF/FMFC: Accounting and Finance Office