Fiscal Year 2012 Air Force Budget Materials

The United States faces diverse and increasingly complex security challenges requiring a range of agile and flexible capabilities. This budget request supports the Air Force's ability to meet these challenges today and emergent threats of tomorrow. The 12 Air Force Core Functions provide a framework for understanding what the Air Force does to support the four Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) objectives: Prevail in Today's Wars, Prevent and Deter Conflict, Prepare to Defeat Adversaries and Succeed in a Wide Range of Contingencies, and Preserve and Enhance the All-Volunteer Force. Balancing the FY 2012 Budget across the 12 Air Force Core Functions will allow the Air Force to continue the asymmetric advantage the Nation relies upon. To effectively organize, train, and equip a force that can meet national needs in air, space and cyberspace at a time of fiscal challenges, the Air Force is seeking efficiencies to eliminate unneeded expenditures and rebalance spending. Doing so will allow the Air Force to shift resources from overhead and support functions to force structure and future modernization while streamlining operations across the enterprise. This document highlights budgetary initiatives that support Air Force priorities and QDR objectives while implementing efficiencies.