The Air Force Financial Services Center - Road to Ellsworth AFB, SD

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Mr. John G. Vonglis, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management) announced today that the construction of the new Air Force Financial Services Center (AFFSC) is underway and on schedule.

The AFFSC, located at Ellsworth AFB, SD, will open in October 2007 and will transform most of the military and travel pay operations by centralizing transactions from 93 bases into one centralized location. The opening of the AFFSC will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Air Force financial services, and customer service.

The AFFSC will consist of three buildings--an administrative headquarters, a transactional center, and a state-of-the art technology center. In October 2008 the transaction center will grow to include a best-in-class contact center.

To date, all interior demolition of the previous three buildings has been completed, the new roofs are in place, and construction on the interior of the administration building has begun. It is anticipated that all construction will be completed in February 2007. At that time servers, furniture, and telephone systems will be installed. All building functionality tests will begin in April when the initial cadre of 59 military and 4 civilian personnel arrive at the AFFSC. The newly designed consolidated business processes will undergo extensive testing through the summer in order for the center to reach initial operational capability (IOC) by 1 October 2007. The migration of base military and travel pay workload into the AFFSC will be executed by MAJCOM starting 1 October 2007 and completed by May 2008.