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FASTR is an enterprise data analytics platform on Advana for the Air Force Financial Management (FM) community to access data on demand and create new insights from a single source of truth. Democratizing data analytics, FASTR empowers users to leverage data to deliver capabilities that help the Air Force and Space Force meet their missions.

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Latest News

  • 10/7/2023 - The next Data Working Group is scheduled for Oct. 23rd, 2023
  • 10/5/2023 - Kickoff for CRIS and UoT Web app took place in Sept. and Oct. 


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FASTR provides access to enterprise data for the Air Force FM community. The Data Catalog is the starting place to find that data. The self- service data discovery tool empowers FASTR users to discover and understand the data on the platform. The Data Catalog provides:

  • Metadata describing all data sources, tables, visualizations, and analytical models within FASTR.
  • Data lineage, from when data is acquired to when it is analyzed.
  • The variety of data sources and how they relate and contribute to one another

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