Media Advisory: Air Force Announces New Call Center Locations

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Air Force officials announced today the proposed sites for the Air Force Financial Services Center (AFFSC) and the Air Force Claims Service Center (AFCSC).

These choices resulted from analyzing several competing locations lasting more than eight months, and involved support and coordination from many communities for which the Air Force is very thankful. The merits were considered and the results are as follows.

The preferred location for the AFFSC is Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., while the preferred location for the AFCSC will be in the Dayton, Ohio, area. The AFFSC is scheduled for activation in FY08, and the AFCSC is scheduled to open in FY07.

Final location decisions for both call centers is contingent upon completion of appropriate National Environmental Policy Act analysis, and meeting labor obligations.

"The AFFSC and the AFCSC are just two examples of our journey down a road towards self-improvement," said Michael W. Wynne, Secretary of the Air Force.

Both Centers are examples of the Air Force's Smart Operations 21 concept, which seeks to improve processes across the Air Force and create a more efficient, effects-driven organization.

At initial operational capability, the opening of the AFFSC will improve processing efficiency; the change will initially be largely transparent to most customers. Base finance offices will have a reduced presence but will remain open to assist Airmen with those financial services that require personal interaction. However, the actual processing of forms will take place at the AFFSC.

At full operational capability, the plan is to consolidate financial services by opening a central processing center and a 24 hour contact (call) center with up to 775 civilian and military personnel, performing financial service transactions and responding to customer inquiries. As the AFFSC matures, the integration of new AF systems will enable most financial services, from travel vouchers to all allotments, to be handled via the web.

"This new center will save the Air Force more than $200 million dollars in the first ten years after the center opens." said Mr. John G. Vonglis, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management). "Additionally, our Airmen will see faster processing of their transactions and quicker responses to their financial inquiries through the use of web-based services."

The AFCSC will provide one-stop service for all personal property claims normally filed at the base level, including claims for household goods damaged during change of station moves. With manning of approximately 100 personnel, the AFCSC will provide convenient and efficient service whenever and wherever needed by Airmen who experience losses due to military service. Consolidation will ensure greater consistency in claim evaluation, maximize compensation to Airmen for their losses, and enhance the Air Force's ability to recover funds from responsible carriers for damage to household goods.

"While we can't eliminate all the risks to personal property that come with serving in the Air Force, we can, and will, make certain the claims process compensates our Airmen fairly and swiftly," stated Secretary Wynne. "The AFCSC will do all that, while saving over $60 million over the next ten years."

When the AFCSC is fully operational in 2008, claimants will be able to submit claims on-line, with dedicated claims professionals available for telephone assistance via the Center's toll-free or DSN numbers. Web-based claims submissions will speed the evaluation process and provide payments to claimants more quickly. During the transition to the improved system, wing legal offices will continue to provide personal claims assistance and ensure no loss of service to our Airmen.