Air Force releases FY24 special duty assignment pay adjustments

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Air Force has completed its annual review of special duty assignment pay for enlisted members using a new board process to ensure appropriate distribution based off the SDAP definition.

The review focused on identifying personnel in extremely demanding positions with unusually challenging responsibilities based on a defendable scoring methodology, and decisions were made agnostic of budgetary funding.

When reviewing more than 100 career fields, the board was unaware of the budgeted SDAP funds until after each request was considered if SDAP was warranted.

The Air Force approved 70 specialties to receive SDAP in FY24. Of those approved, four were initial requests that were certified for the first time, 48 were recertified at their current rate, 11 increased rate and seven decreased rate to maintain parity with specialties of similar duties, responsibilities and training.

The DAF eliminated 33 existing rules because they no longer met the criteria for SDAP and disapproved 15 new requests for the same reason. The changes will take effect Oct. 1.

The SDAP board used specific criteria when reviewing each request. To be considered, the specialty and individual assignment must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Duties require extremely demanding personal effort to ensure mission accomplishment.
  • Position requires greater responsibility or difficulty beyond what is normally expected for the member’s grade.
  • Position/duties require special qualifications met through rigorous screening and/or special schooling.

Members currently serving in a field that will be removed from the SDAP list will continue to receive special duty assignment pay at a rate of one-half their original SDAP through Sept. 30, 2024. Those whose SDAP will be reduced will be given 90 days before the reduced rate will become effective. Personnel receiving an increase in SDAP will see it reflected beginning Oct. 1.

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