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Fiscal Year 2015 Air Force Budget Materials Fiscal Year 2015 Air Force Budget Materials

The Air Force is hard at work trying to make the right choices to maximize each taxpayer dollar and ensure we can meet our Nation's security needs today and in the future. Today's challenging fiscal environment requires us to reassess our capabilities and capacity to determine how the Air Force will best contribute to achieving U.S. security objectives and foreign policy freedom of action. We are preparing for a wider range of budget contingencies than normal. We need to shrink almost every part of the Air Force as budgets will not keep up with our growing costs for personnel, infrastructure, and weapons maintenance. The Air Force developed a Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 President's Budget (PB) request that is strategy-based, informed by fiscal realities, and balances risk across all mission areas while retaining our Air Force core capabilities.

The Air Force brings five enduring and distinctive capabilities to the Nation's military portfolio: (1)air and space superiority; (2) intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); (3) rapid global mobility; (4) global strike; and (5) command and control. These five core missions allow the Air Force to sustain our Nation's military advantage as the joint force becomes smaller and as we face emerging threats in increasingly contested environments. While today's global and fiscal environments have changed, our core missions and focus have not. T he Air Force must continue to be a force capable of deterring conflict, a force capable of projecting power, and a force capable of winning wars. To meet these demands we must ensure freedom of action in air and space. Our ability to assert control in both domains allows the U.S. and Coalition forces to accomplish their missions in different locations without the threat of an adversary's attack from above. The FY 2015 budget request enables the Air Force to meet these needs and offers freedom of action to our joint and coalition partners through our ability to integrate our core missions to provide Global Vigilance, Global Reach, and Global Power.
tabSupporting Documents 
 FY15 Budget Rollout Brief
 FY15 Budget Overview
 FY15 Budget Overview Interactive
 FY15 Pocket Guide
tabMilitary Construction 
 Air Force MILCON, FY15
 Air Force Military Family Housing, FY15
  Air Force Reserve MILCON, FY15
 Air National Guard MILCON, FY15
tabMilitary Personnel Program 
  Air Force Milpers, FY15
 Air Force Reserve Milpers FY15
 Air National Guard Milpers, FY15
tabOperations & Maintenance 
 Air Force O&M Overview, FY15
 Air Force O&M, Vol I, FY15
 Air Force O&M, Vol II, FY15
 Air Force Reserve O&M, Vols I and II, FY15
 Air National Guard O&M, Vol I, FY15
 Air National Guard O&M, Vol II, FY15
 Air Force Ammunition Procurement, FY15
 Air Force Aircraft Procurement, Vol I, FY15
 Air Force Aircraft Procurement, Vol II, FY15
 Air Force Missile Procurement, FY15
 Air Force Other Procurement, FY15
tabResearch, Development, Test & Evaluation 
 Air Force RDT&E, Vol I, FY15
 Air Force RDT&E,Vol II, FY15
 Air Force RDT&E, Vol III Part A, FY15
 Air Force RDT&E, Vol III Part B, FY15
tabOverseas Contingency Operation 
 Air Force Military Personnel OCO, FY15
 Air Force Aircraft Procurement OCO, Vol 1, FY15
 Air Force Ammunition Procurement OCO, Vol 1, FY15
 Air Force Missile Procurement OCO, Vol 1, FY15
 Air Force Other Procurement OCO, Vol 1, FY15
 Air Force Operation and Maintenance OCO, Vol III, FY15
 Air Force Reserves Operation and Maintenance OCO, Vol III
 Air National Guard Operation and Maintenance OCO, Vol III, FY15.pdf
tabBase Closure Account 
 Base Closure Account, FY15
tab Working Capital Fund 
 WCF, FY15

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